Penalising motorists for going 1mph over the limit is ‘legally unenforceable’, Mr Loophole says

When it was pointed at that people would be likely to challenge a 1mph discrepancy he admitted that if they did “that would tie up time”. 

He told LBC radio that enforcing the speed limit “is not something we should be embarrassed about, it is not something that we should seek to justify.”

“It is fair to the public to say let’s be clear – the limits are the limits, the laws are the laws, and therefore police will enforce when it is appropriate to do so,” he continued.

When questioned whether the falling number of traffic officers was the real issue, Mr Bangham said that they had seen a “significant drop” but suggested the bobbies on the beat could be diverted to deal with motoring offences. 

“I am now reminding all of our officers out on patrol in our local policing teams and safer neighbourhood teams that they can also do speed enforcement and roads policing enforcement,” he said.  

His comments also attracted backlash from other officers. 

Ian Hanson, Chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation, said: “I find it absolutely staggering that the effective policy lead for policing should show himself to be so out of touch with not only the overwhelming number of police officers who are out there keeping our communities safe and putting themselves in the way of danger every day, but also alienating those communities we are there to serve.”

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